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There are some general precautions that a patient who has keratoconus can take to help decrease the chance of disease progression.

1) Don’t rub your eyes.

Living with KC Remember that KC is a problem of corneal mechanics and strength. The cornea gets its strength from the linkages of the collagen pancakes to one another. Eye rubbing may exacerbate slipping of the the collagen pancakes of the cornea and possibly cause further destabilization of the corneal structure. It can also irritate the eyes, causing inflammation that is not good for the keratoconic cornea.

2) Control eye allergies.

Ocular allergy can cause inflammation, and also encourage eye rubbing. Therefore, use medications and drops as prescribed by your doctor to minimize symptoms of eye allergy.

Living with KC3) Optimize your contact lens fit.

The impact of contact lens wear on progression of keratoconus is unclear. Contact lenses are the mainstay of keratoconus treatment in many cases. Making sure that the contact lens fit is the best possible, will avoid problems secondary to irritation, inflammation, or mechanical trauma to the cornea.

Living with KC4) Wear sunglasses in bright sun.

Ultraviolet light may increase the formation of inflammatory molecules which can further damage the corneal structure So, wear UV protecting sunglasses when you are going to get alot of sun exposure.

5) Eat a good diet

Living with KCDiets high in antioxidants (found in green, leafy vegetables and colored vegetables such as tomato and pepper)) may combat some of the inflammatory mediators that can exacerbate KC progression. Antioxidant vitamin and omega 3 supplements may also be helpful.