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DALKIn anterior lamellar keratoplasty, only the front part of the cornea is replaced.This leaves the cells (called the endothelium) covering the back of the cornea intact.By retaining the endothelial cell layer, the risk of corneal transplant rejection may be decreased, and healing may be faster.

Anterior lamellar keratoplasty is suggested in conditions such as keratoconus without deep scarring or excessive thinning, and partial thickness corneal scars.New techniques of partial thickness corneal transplantation which have been recently developed make it the preferred procedure in many cases.In particular, in the Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK, or “big bubble”) technique, all levels of the cornea are replaced except for the endothelial cell layer and the membrane that holds the cells (called Descemet's membrane).In this technique, an air injection separates the internal membrane from the rest of the cornea.In addition, the method of lamellar keratoplasty is often improved by using a laser (Intralase) to prepare the corneal incisions.